Cockayne Systems provide Caskmaster and Integrated Flowlog systems for accurate filling and disgorging of whisky casks which are used in the majority of Scotland’s whisky distilleries and bottling plants.

Cask filling
and disgorging

Cask filling
Our Caskmaster cask filling machine is a pneumatically controlled filling machine installed in the majority of whisky distilleries and blending warehouses. Whisky casks are generally filled to the bung, and the volume of spirit in the cask measured by the cask filling meter and recorded on our Flowlog system. For some export markets, or when filling IBC's, the Caskmaster can be fitted with an Intrinsically Safe interface for precise batch control, whilst still retaining Caskmaster's pneumatic overfill protection facility.

The Caskmaster filling machines can be used to fill other containers such as transit tanks or IBC’s, and its stainless steel wetted parts with PTFE seals are ideal for filling a variety of chemicals. The Caskmaster IBC filling machine can also be fitted with a vibrating fork level switch for an extra level of overfill protection. The Caskmaster has been installed in several filling stores for "end filling" of casks when used for palletised filling. The lifting mechanism is modified to suit the vertical lift operation required. Palletised casks filling can be designed to the customer’s requirement for single, 2, 3 and 6 headed systems.

Disgorging single and palletised casks

We have a range of cask disgorging options enabling up to 6 casks to be emptied simultaneously.Through our integrated Flowlog we are able to analyse and compare the colour and volume of the spirit and monitor the cask condition. This data enables distilleries to ensure operational efficiency and manage quality control.

and servicing

For over 30 years Cockayne have provided on-site calibration service of flowmeters, storage tanks, vessels and vats, gauging equipment and bottling instrumentation to many industries, including distilling, brewing, food and drink, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Our on-site calibration is done by flowing liquid, water or spirit, through a traceable Coriolis flow master meter with flowrates of up to 1000 l/min, and we will match our calibration against a gauge or dipstick reading depending on your site preference. Calibration can also be carried out using certified stainless steel proving vessels with a capacity of 250 & 500 litres.

We can provide calibration certification and high accuracy, HMRC approved tank strapping tables/charts for all calibration work. We also calibrate level, temperature and pressure using calibrated and certified test equipment.

We know that our customers require well designed and reliable measurement, instrumentation and control systems. We also understand that these systems must have minimal downtime to ensure that your production process is always available to meet the demands of your business. To keep control systems running reliably and accurately our multi skilled service team provide regular maintenance and calibration programmes for the full range of equipment that we provide.

In the event of a system or equipment failure our team have the ability to respond rapidly and with over 30 years of experience, we can supply, repair and support legacy equipment many others cannot. Our comprehensive maintenance contract philosophy allows us to tailor and deliver a service that will match the demands of your plant availability targets.