In-Line Reduction System

The traditional method of reduction the strength of spirit prior to filling casks for maturation is time-consuming and requires at least one additional vat to hold the reduced spirit. J.E. Cockayne Ltd's innovative in-line cask filling reduction system saves time and vat space when compared to traditional methods, and shows a rapid return on the investment.

Continuing our innovative approach to control processes, J.E. Cockayne Ltd have designed and installed the Whisky industry's first in-line cask filling reduction system. This system reduces the spirit from the distilled strength to the cask filling strength as the spirit is being pumped from the high strength spirit receiver directly to the cask.

To achieve the high accuracy required, the Cockayne system uses a combination of accurate metering, strength measurement and flow control, and is controlled and recorded using a PLC / SCADA interface.

The Cockayne reduction system is equally well adapted to the accurate blending of products in pre-determined ratios.