For over 30 years we have been supplying our "Flowlog" system to record the bulk quantity of spirit, and the litres of alcohol, filled into each cask (note Spirit cannot legally be called Whisky until it has matured for a minimum of 3 years in a cask)

The first Flowlog I used transistor logic to calculate the litres of alcohol from the bulk litre value and the alcohol strength. Today’s Flowlog V is a Windows compatible software package.

Flowlog is used by all major Scotch Whisky companies to carry out this essential recording duty.

Some Whisky distilleries and blending plants have a Weighlog version of the system. Weighlog is used primarily for export casks when the weight of each filled cask is required.

Weighlog uses the tare ( empty) weight of the cask, and combines this with the calculated weight of spirit in the cask (Bulk volume X SG ) to calculate the Gross (full) weight of each cask.

The tare weight can either be manually entered as a table of weight / cask no. or read directly into Weighlog from an electronic scale.

Weighlog can be selected to record volume only if installed at a filling store that carries out both home and export filling.