Cask Filling

Caskmaster cask filling machine is a pneumatically controlled, 2 stage filling machine installed in the majority of Whisky distilleries and blending warehouses.

Whisky casks are generally filled to the bung, and the volume of spirit in the cask measured by the cask filling meter, and recorded on the Flowlog system.

For some export markets, or when filling IBC's, Caskmaster can be fitted with an Intrinsically Safe interface for precise batch control, whilst still retaining Caskmaster's pneumatic overfill protection facility.

Filling IBC’s

The standard Caskmaster can also be used to fill other containers such as transit tanks or IBC’s, and with its Stainless Steel wetted parts with PTFE seals it is ideal for filling a variety of chemicals.

Caskmaster uses pneumatic logic for control and is suitable for use in areas zoned to ATEX catagory 2

Filling palletised casks.

Caskmaster has been installed in several filling stores for "end filling" of casks when used for palletised filling. The lifting mechanism is modified to suit the vertical lift operation required.


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